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GPS Tracker provides security for your electric vehicles

In the past few decades, people have developed many technologies to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. In our daily life, electric vehicles have become the best choice for people to travel short distances because of their light weight, convenience, and environmental protection.

However, the theft and loss of electric vehicles is a sensitive issue for everyone. In recent years, the theft of electric vehicles has occurred almost every day, and even half of the users have experienced the theft of vehicles, and most of them have never reported the case. With the continuous development and advancement of technology, the most effective way to protect electric vehicles is to install GPS trackers .

How to protect the safety of electric vehicles?

How to protect their electric cars from being stolen can be said to be an extremely headache problem, and people have thought of many ways. For example: install an alarm system, attach more locks, etc. However, the most effective is to install a GPS tracker for real-time tracking. When necessary, you can remotely control the vehicle cannot be started through the computer management platform or mobile phone APP. When a thief tries to start your electric car, he will find that it cannot start. At any time, we can view the real-time status of the vehicle, including position, speed, etc. Under the sympathy of abnormal vibration, the phone will also receive an alert.

The function of electric vehicle GPS tracker

The GPS tracker for electric vehicles is specially designed for electric vehicles. It can help users track the vehicle status in real time and has multiple powerful functions to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

Smart appearance and compact design

Real-time positioning

Wide voltage design

Support ACC detection

Multiple alarm functions, such as vibration alarm, overspeed alarm, fence alarm, power failure alarm, etc.

Remote cut off oil and electricity

Historical track playback, you can view the vehicle's movement track at any time within the last 6 months

The traditional anti-theft method is obviously unable to meet people's needs. With the continuous development and update of GPS tracker technology, it has become more and more popular. For the safety of your car, you might as well install one.




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